My Mental Health Awareness

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Happy Friday!

Hello! I haven't written in a while because I don't really have a lot to talk about. Things are fantastic! I'm driving more, grocery shopping, and doing general errands. I cleaned our entire kitchen and even rearranged the 100+ beer glasses in our cupboard. (My husband works at a brewery.) I never thought I would … Continue reading Happy Friday!

What it’s Like to Have a Panic Attack While Driving – A Poem

This is so me…

The Bipolar Writer

I wrote this in February of this year after one of the worst panic attacks while driving in my life. As I continue to work on my social anxiety, panic attacks, and my driving anxiety I wanted to reshare this piece.

A Driving Anxiety Poem

So I figured I should preface this with what happened. Last night I got in my car at around 5:30pm to run some errands and pick someone up. About five minutes into my driving (which I am now calling car anxiety or driving anxiety officially) my anxiety reached crazy levels. I barely was able to pull over and I had to have someone drive my car home.

It sucked. I haven’t had a panic attack in my car in few months and never this bad. To cope I wrote this raw piece. Its kind of poem but more my thoughts. I never wrote something during…

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